Write For The Web

Write For The Web


Useful Links to Help You Build Your Website With SimDif

Dealing with search engines

    SEO from the source :: Google talks about what SEO is and how to implement it into your own website.

    MOZ guide to search engine optimization :: A very detailed guide to search engine optimization. Some food for thought when you are writing your website.

SimDif helping sites

    Promote :: Our partner guide to write for the web. This site presents some very practical and relevant advice on how to promote your website. By following these easy to implement techniques you will get more traffic and have more readers coming to your website.

    Pro-features :: A guide to the Pro features of SimDif. By going pro you will have access to a number of features that will help you further customize your website and present it to a wider audience.

    Help site menu :: An overview of all the sites that we have specially prepared for you to help and guide you in the website creation process.

Writing for the web

    Simple is Better : how to write for the web :: A guide that reinforces some of the same basic principles that we present here.

    How readers read :: Understanding how readers read a webpage will give you a better understanding of how to write websites. https://www.nngroup.com/articles/how-people-read-online/ 

    Grammar and style advice when writing for the web :: Some additional advice on the style and grammar to use when writing for the web. In addition to thinking about your content it also important to write well.

    On the usability side :: An important article from Jacob Nielsen. This is not "just theory". Those guys spend their lives testing objectively the behavior of web users.

We are always looking for clear and useful sites for website creators like you.
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