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Write For The Web


The Importance of Circulation Within a Website

The answer to one question may create a new question for the reader

When your reader comes to a page he or she should be able to quickly find the answer to his questions.

Thanks to the clarity of your content the reader will soon formulate a new question.

Make sure they have direct access to the pages answering these questions. How? That is what this guide is about.

There is an especially clear menu on the left for just this purpose. 

However, and especially because most people use phones, you should also: 

Help your readers by creating links within your pages

Different readers may come up with different questions. Your job is to know these questions and provide the quickest way to reach the answer: the right link to the right page. 

The best place to place these links is on the word(s) that describe the topic itself. 

This circulation within your site is a very important quality to cultivate. 

Visiting more pages of your site will help your readers build a lasting mental picture of it. The more questions you can answer, the higher the chances that your visitor will make a purchase, or making a booking enquiry, from your site.

You should also read this page on how best to implement links on your site.

How to add text links between pages of your website

A quick tutorial video on the subject of adding internal links.

Promote related content at the end of your pages

After reading your pages some of your readers will want to know more about a topic. If your website features additional pages, on closely related topics, and links to them at the bottom of your page, you will improve the user experience.

How to add external links to your website

A short video showing you how to link to other websites from your SimDif website.

The footer

You can also take advantage of the footer's presence on all the pages to display: either a simple mention, like "Copyright my company 2021", or a tag line, or the repetition of the most important link(s) or information, facilitating circulation with links such as:

 • Reservations (and provide a phone number)
 • Contact us here, with a link to the contact page.
 • How to find us, and a link to the map page.

Links between pages and Google

Linking your pages in a logical and meaningful way shows Google the ability of your site to provide clear answers to specific questions. Sometimes google will suggest more information on similar subjects from other sites, alongside your own.

A web page should never be isolated, it is part of a network of pages, in a network of sites
A web page should never be isolated, it is part of a network of pages, in a network of sites

Call to Action buttons

These special buttons in SimDif sites can be used to incite action. For example, to get your readers to visit a specific page.

They can also be used to link your readers to another site, to write an email, or to call a phone number. 

These buttons are available on Smart or Pro sites.

Watch the video tutorial on creating Call to Action buttons

You have come a long way in the creation of your website

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