Write For The Web

Write For The Web


Key Concepts for a Good Start on Building Your Site.

What is a "Clear Website" ?

  • Information organized and displayed to effectively answer your visitor's questions.
  • A way to help your readers quickly understand what you offer.
  • A set of answers to the questions that your readers are likely to ask. 
  • An original and personal approach to a subject you know well.
  • A source of information for people interested in your topic or your approach.
  • Help for a visitor to make a decision about a product, a service or a place.
  • Or something else entirely. It really depends on the needs of your intended audience. Try asking yourself: What are your reader's needs?

How would you define your site?

    A good start is to actually write down a definition of your site. This will help you follow the write path. 

Original, Organized and Useful Content

Create original content:

Don't copy content from another site even if it is your own. This is called "duplicate content" and is frowned upon by search engines. Think of your site as an opportunity to improve on what has already been said on your subject.

Create content geared to your readers
You should believe that this content is worth having its own site. Show your readers that you have something unique to share. For example, your knowledge, your business, how you do it, how it serves your clients?

Organize your content by pages
One page = one answer to a question on the subject you treat. It's more comfortable for your visitors to find one main subject on each page. 

Use words that are clearly related to the subject,
this will help your readers have a better understanding. Google has no eyes, but it is very good at understanding your site through text.

Blank Space is Not Wasted Space

Don't be afraid of clarity even if your page feels empty.

Clarity reduces the strain on your visitors, who like to scan before they read in detail.

There's nothing to be gained by long-windedness. Extensive testing has shown that if you put too much on a page it will be skipped over rather than read. Your client will miss your point and you will loose your client.

Clarity, Precision and Simplicity Create Effective Websites

Try to keep in mind: The goal of your reader is to find answers as quickly as possible.

It is not an easy task. But we are here to help. Our guides explain the simple logic behind some of the principles in web design and usability. 

This guide is for you. Feel free to browse it, jumping from page to page, or follow it as a methodology, designed to help you create your site.